Beware the Ides of June

Monday, June 20, 2011

I turned 25 on Wednesday.  I’m exactly where my parents were at this age: married with a kid on the way! Kidding, I’m not either of those things. Might as well buy five cats and call it a life…

I wanted 25 to be significant for me and for this year to be all about good health. It just so happens that I’m reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer right now.  At first, I thought this book was ruining my life by guilt tripping me to death. Then I realized I can make a really positive change for animals, the environment, and most importantly, myself.  With that being said: Mom, dad- I’m Vegan. I’m not going to get into all the reasons why, but I strongly encourage you to read the book.

I ran the Helvetia half marathon last weekend and finished with a time of 2:00… Not great, but the course was awesome and I got to stuff my face with a Helvetia veggie burger afterward so that made it better.

Later that night I went out to celebrate my birthday. We had a lovely dinner followed by shots being forced down my throat at the bar.  One of the few shots I remember taking was Prairie Fire (Tequila and Hot Sauce)… This obviously resulted in me spending Sunday morning on my couch, in my underwear, curled up in the fetal position.

They’re remodeling my gym right now so I’m having to go to the one that’s further away. I thought it would be a good idea to try and rollerblade there…  because I can’t let go of the 90’s just yet. Anyway, I almost died like five times trying to get there because 1. it’s through downtown and 2. it’s downhill. My breaking skills were not up to par and I had to use a telephone pole on more than one occasion to stop myself from flying into an intersection. Needless to say, I walked home. Did I mention my roller blades were denim? Yeah, stew on that for awhile.

I flew to San Francisco on Thursday to run another half, see our Bay Area office, and visit my family. I attended a happy hour hosted by one of our VP’s the first night there and really took advantage of the company bar tab. It’s safe to say I single-handedly put down about 3 pitchers of Mojitos. I’d like to think I do some of my best networking while intoxicated… I ended up leaving my credit card there and only realized it when I went to pay for lunch the next day. Awesome.

After a lovely hungover work day, I met up with my family and went out for pizza. We tried to order half of the pie as vegan but the waitress didn’t hear us correctly and brought it out with a different kind of cheese. Deciding that the only thing worse than eating animal products was wasting them, I did the only thing that was right and ate five pieces. I should mention that that’s two pieces more than anyone else at the table had.

I had the Zombie Runner half marathon on Saturday. My brother decided to run it with me the night before and we were surprised when we showed up and saw how small it was. This was the least organized, mom and pop operation race I’ve ever seen. The water stations were out of the back of vans and they ran out of water cups . Not only that, the refreshments they offered at the stations (Sprite, Coke, M&M’s, chips, cookies)  were also being enjoyed by homeless people. That aside, it was easily the hardest course I’ll ever run. A fourth of it was stairs, almost all of it was up and down mountain trails, and there was about 40 feet of sand I never want to run through again.

After the race, we went to my favorite Mediterranean Buffet in Berkeley. I ate about 3 heaping plates and managed to spill some coleslaw on my brother when trying to eat off his plate. Sorry, brah. We spent the rest of the day drinking beer and playing miniature golf. It was the perfect Saturday.

Later that night, we went to a smoke house restaurant where getting something Vegan was pretty much impossible. I ordered a salad and potatoes and would be lying if I said I didn’t try a rib. I left the restaurant feeling way too full and immediately changed into an elastic waistband when I got home.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend with amazing people. Thanks to everyone who was there to make it so special!


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