I’m an Oregonian!

Friday, May 27, 2011

So I finally got my Oregon driver’s license!.. Even though I haven’t had a car in almost seven years. I might have a fat ass but I have a tight little carbon foot print. The guy in front of me had failed his written exam for the fourth time and was causing a scene while a 94 year old man cruised right by him and got his renewed.

Last week our managers were in town and took us out for bowling and beers. I passed on the beers (shocking, I know) and when they asked if we should get appetizers I said: “No thanks, I’m not hungry. I just ate on the car ride over.” The “just ate” part was true. The “not hungry” part was a boldfaced lie. They ordered the appetizers anyway which consisted of fries, hot wings, and nachos. I eye-fucked the nachos for a good 2 minutes before diving in. I circled them like a vulture for the next 10 minutes, picking at them in between bowling turns.

I ended up going pretty hard on Friday night which made for a miserable Saturday morning of eating pizza in bed and sleeping. This cycle repeated itself until roughly 6:30 PM when I had to get up and tailgate for the Timbers game. I use the words “had to” and “wanted to” interchangeably.  As you might guess, this led to me laying around and eating junk food all day Sunday. It’s safe to say I didn’t contribute anything to my health or society this weekend.

I was back on track by Monday. I successfully ran 8 miles and lifted at the gym every night Mon-Wed. I was going to go last night but the weather was crappy and my foot hurt. At least that’s the excuse I gave myself to sit on my couch watching reruns of  “30 Rock” and eating vegan brownies (which were DELICIOUS).

Which brings me to today: I want to wait on weighing myself until next week because I didn’t want to get discouraged if I didn’t lose anything. I’d end up wallowing in my frustration with a tube of cookie dough.

I’m getting back on track and plan on not drinking this whole 3 day weekend. Don’t be surprised if my plans change, though :)

Have a good memorial day weekend, everyone!


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