Denver Bound

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I was supposed to run 8 miles on Saturday but didn’t move from the couch because I was too busy nursing a hangover. Idiot.

I finished my 10K in 53 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised at my time considering I showed up with a serious burr in my ass and was not in the mood to run.  By mile 3 I was back to my chipper self and enjoyed the rest of the race. I stuffed my face with one of the free burritos they handed out after the race and felt on top of the world.

Later that day,  I decided to tailgate for the Portland Timbers game… because tailgating for soccer is normal? Anyway, I drank way too much and ended up eating like 3 hot dogs and 2 ice cream cones, basically canceling out any calories I burned during the race.

Now for the bad news. I finally weighed myself and learned a valuable lesson: You can’t eat whatever you want during training. It’s not that what I’ve been eating is unhealthy, it’s just the amount. Excuse me for thinking burning 900 calories a day would give me some wriggle room. So, I’m back to where I started… and then some. 168.8. Shit. One more reason it’s important to do weekly weigh-ins.

I’m off to Colorado tomorrow! I’m stoked to see my friends. Their whole MO seems to be to make me eat 6,000 calories a day so I plan on enjoying myself and the food while I’m there.  I’ll start a stricter diet when I return.

I’m going to try and ditch refined carbohydrates and eat a lot more protein in hopes that will help me lean out. I think I’m going to keep a food journal, too.

I’ll see you guys next week with some hilarious stories, I’m sure.

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