Sweet 16 Pounds of Food

Friday, March 11, 2011

The company I work for had a “Sweet 16″ birthday party to celebrate 16 years of being in business. The celebration included 3 towers of cupcakes and a buffet of fried food (there was also a DJ and karaoke but my focus was clearly elsewhere). I lasted about .05 seconds after they set up before a red velvet cupcake was in my mouth. It was everything I dreamed about and more. I told myself I was just going to have the one cupcake and leave the rest of the food alone. About 15 minutes after I told myself that I started jonesing like a drug addict. I was already in my tailspin and grabbed a plate and filled it to the brim… Then went back for seconds… and thirds… and had 2 more cupcakes.

Now I know everyone has their days but here’s what makes me out of control: Instead of going to the gym I went out to dinner and ordered a New York Strip with bacon wrapped onion rings. There are few things wrong with this (besides the obvious):

1. I don’t eat red meat or bacon.

2. I wasn’t hungry.

3. I ate the whole thing.

I think this proves that this blog is appropriately titled.

The rest of the week I was good with my workouts and diet… Until Saturday. That day is always my pitfall. I went out and had a few drinks… and then proceeded to eat half a bag of bread topped solely with mustard. I woke up with dried mustard underneath my fingernails and shame in my heart.

This brings us to today’s weigh in, 162 exactly. Can’t say I’m surprised by the 0.8 gain. I have a new goal: I just want to get into the 150’s for Christ’s sake. Give me a couple weeks and STOP YELLING!

I have the 15K Shamrock Run on Sunday. If you don’t hear from me this week, look for my body in a ditch by the T-curves.

Cupcake Tower:

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