Schmoozing and Losing

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well friends, my plan to avoid the booze is not going well. I love it too much. Also, I’m 24, single, and live downtown. Get real. I decided to celebrate¬† George Washington’s birthday with a bottle of red wine… I drank the whole thing because I thought G.W. would have wanted it that way.

I’ve been eating healthy and working out every day but had a minor obstacle when one of the Senior V.P.’s came to town and we hosted a happy hour for a chance to “network”. If networking involved shoving all the free fried appetizers in my face, I’d be CEO of the company by now. I tried to balance it out by hitting the gym afterward but ended up buying a roll of sushi and a bag of grapes… I managed to eat 3/4 of the bag and brought the rest into work the next day to get rid of my shame.

My scale ran out of batteries on Friday (I swear I’m not making this up) which is why this post is a few days late. I finally bought a new battery and weighed myself this morning: 161.2! Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am. The 5.8 pounds puts me back to where I was about a month ago but oh well. I still feel like a winner.

Here is the new tattoo:

Michigan Pride!

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