Superbowl Low

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How sad is it that one of the few things that excites me Monday morning is the new cafeteria menu posted for the week?

Anyway, I apologize for not posting on Friday. I had writer’s block and was feeling a bit frustrated with life… and the size of my ass. The scale said 164.6 on Friday morning, which is a loss of 2.4 pounds, but still seems like small beans compared to the 6 I gained the previous week.

I ate fairly healthy all week and took a break from the booze for the weekend. I would have been a lot prouder of myself had I not gone ape shit for the food spread at the Superbowl party I went to. I barely watched the game because I was too busy eating my weight in hot wings and sampling all the dips about 20 times.

Just a short post this week. I’ll be talking about this past weekend’s festivities and Valentine’s day on Friday’s post. Get excited.

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