Falling off the Wagon

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I wouldn’t say I fell off the wagon last night, It’s more like I cannon balled off and landed in a huge pile of self-loathing. Oregon was playing Auburn in the National Championship and I wanted to watch it, telling myself I’d lace up those running shoes and go for a run after the game. Well around the third quarter I DID lace them up, stretched, did some crunches, and then successfully ran the distance from the kitchen to the couch to gather all the food in my apartment and inhale it. The contents of this “meal” included: 1 lean cuisine, a small salad, toast (with baby bell cheese), half a box of leftover couscous, and about a half a bag of popcorn. Shit just got real. I’ll be posting my “before” pictures tonight after my run (I swear I’m going this time).

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  1. celsa165 says:

    Bad news. I didn’t go running last night because it was snowy and icy. I promise you guys I’m back on the wagon today and will post the pics after I go to the gym tonight.

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